Radical Recovery Coaching

Radical Recovery Coaching


1. (especially of change or action) relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough.
“a radical overhaul of the existing regulatory framework”

2. advocating or based on thorough or complete political or social change; representing or supporting an extreme or progressive section of a political party.

Substance use disorders are undoubtedly one of the most stigmatized, and dangerous, public health crises we have experienced as a society in recent times. We have been operating from archaic philosophies, ones rooted in shame and moral gate keeping. These beliefs have become entrenched in the health systems, intended to provide and care for these individuals. It is no wonder to me, that we as a generation have found ourselves in an epidemic that continues to take lives every day. 

It is my core belief that there is no common solution for the issue of substance use. That each individual needs to be treated as such, before any significant change can occur. Someone suffering from substance use disorder is not just an addict; They are a human. And it is from that perspective- that radical ideology that we meet people where they are at, that I have arrived at the birth of Radical Recovery Coaching. 

By starting with a human first, I am able to employ harm reduction principles. Solutions, conversations and change derived from a place of understanding and meant to empower. Through that empowerment comes the natural repulsion of stigma and shame, which is where we can begin to do the work. 

Radical recovery coaching looks different from traditional coaching & therapy. Here are some key intentional differences:

  • Holistic- I am a certified Legacy Holistic Integrative Life Coach. Holistic in my mind, means that mind, body & spirit are all getting the proper care and attention to make up for your beautiful whole. 
  • Integrative- We create lasting internal change through integrating our realization into experiences. Making sure mind, body & spirit are integrated means making sure that change & breakthroughs happen on multiple levels. 
    • Typically, this looks like activities, meditations, movements and concrete actions to supplement all the talking. 
  • Harm Reduction – Simply put; How can I make sure that you are safe while we work this out? Again, a radical notion to treat someone as a human as we are learning to get well.
  • Moderation Management- I am here to support whatever recovery is going to create the most lasting change. Whether or not your recovery journey needs to include abstinence, is something that should be honestly approached, but is reliant on the individual and I’m here to meet you where you’re at.  (For those suffering early with a substance use disorder, I do encourage abstinence. )
  • Peer Support- The compassion and empathy that comes from someone who has “been through it”, is unparalleled. Studies are beginning to show how powerful a tool it really is in the world of recovery. With that, I am able to be a powerful advocate for you and your healing.
  • Community- Another powerful component, in my belief, to recovery is a sense of community. Something that most successful recovery practices have in common. Through weekly zoom Freedom Recovery Groups, I hope to help facilitate that until we can all gather for Holistic Happier Hours and in person Freedom Recovery Groups

What does radical recovery look like?

Using evidenced based, holistic and integrative techniques we will work on cultivating a more empowered mindset towards your recovery.

Predicted Outcomes:

A fresh outlook on your own personal recovery, that is focused on compassion, connection, service, sincerity and growth.

An arsenal of real tools to help guide you in recovery.

A recovery experience that challenges you to grow into your most clear self.

A freedom based connection to recovery, that empowers you to create a recovered life that looks the way you want it to.

Individualized treatment plans

Referral session to collaborate wrap-around care

Weekly individual sessions

Weekly groups

Weekly accountability emails

Personalized guided meditations

Solution oriented goal setting

Crisis support

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