Clean Time

I just celebrated a six-year anniversary. An anniversary marking six years of being free of the addiction that created so much havoc and dis-ease in my life. Six years abstinent of the chemical hooks that promised me brighter days, and led me to darker corridors. While yes, I am proud. I do take a momentContinue reading “Clean Time”

Public Schools & Substance Use

Public Schools & Substance Use

Public school. It’s where the bulk of the American populus will spend the majority of their childhood and adolescence.

My Shadow

My shadow As I continue on my own path of personal development- I wanted to share a piece I wrote. I am in great exploration now of my shadow self, and I invite you to read the following with an open mind. There is a symbiotic relationship when we act in vulnerability.    Treading carefullyContinue reading “My Shadow”


Resiliency It’s a fickle thing, really. Over the past several years, thanks to Brene Brown, we have seen a peaked interest in the idea of being emotionally resilient. This general idea of focused perseverance, rooted in an emotional strength and discipline of sorts. It’s something that we as humans have inherently, and it’s something thatContinue reading “Resilience”